Buying a New Grass Trimmer

When chores around the house need desperate attention.

After days of procrastinating, guilt takes over and I’m out the door heading for the garden shed. My intention is to finish grass trimming around the house that I did not get to last week. I start up the gas trimmer, put on safety glasses, and off I go in a burst of energy whacking down those knee high weeds. My neighbors are sitting on their front porch watching in awe as weeds are flying helter skelter in all directions. All is going well until my trusty gas trimmer starts making a clacking noise…then the motor begins to sputter and then dies.

Another week goes by and the weeds go unattended. The trimmer is at the local lawn and garden shop. The man working on the trimmer tells me, “You need to order a part.” The part that broke is attached inside the motor and it can’t be ordered separately…so, this means the part attached to the motor has to be ordered with another motor.


I discover that the cost to fix the trimmer would almost equal the cost of another trimmer. So, I go to Lowe’s and buy another gas trimmer.

This time I choose a Craftsman gas trimmer. I must say, it works magnificently. So, that’s what I did today…I got acquainted with the Craftsman. I love it. I even discovered that the electric starter attachment from the broken trimmer will work on the Craftsman. Double love it. After a couple hours working my new trimmer, I am proudly looking out my living room bay window at the front yard. It’s amazing how a trimmed front yard, minus the weeds, can make your day.


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