Bad Wife Choices

Men, this is for you only.
If you’re in the market to get married, but you don’t have any particular woman in mind, then here are some examples of women you shouldn’t want to get tied up with, literally.

Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness
Belle lived in Indiana. Born 1859 and perished 1940. She was a very bad, bad lady.
Here are some of the bad things she did.
She married twice…and killed both.
She murdered all her children.
She murdered the few friends she had and literally murdered everybody she was acquainted with. It is believed she took away the lives of nearly 100 people.
Amazingly, it’s been told that she never was caught doing these dastardly deeds.

Tracy Wigginton

Tracey had a reputation. She had a craving for the taste of blood. She acquired that taste with the help of the town meat butcher. She approached the butcher and simply asked if he would save the animal fluid of pigs and cows for her. He said “yes, okay”.
Tracey was also a lesbian and had a few lesbian girlfriends. Well, she acquired the taste of human blood when she killed a couple of her friends. And to make things worse, she acquired the taste of male blood when she murdered a couple men, cut their heads off and then made blood cocktails.

Omaima Nelson

Omaima was 23 years old when she killed her new husband, William, on Thanksgiving Day in 1991. Prosecutors proved that she tied William to the bed and then began bludgeoning him to death with a lamp and stabbing him with a pair of scissors repeatedly. Why did she do this? Only for his money.
She wasn’t done yet. She beheaded William, cut off his hands and penis. She dismembered the rest of his body. Some parts she cooked and ate. Other parts she used the garbage disposal to get rid of the rest. Neighbors who lived next door said they could hear a grinding noise coming from the house. Omaima is serving a life sentence in a prison in California.

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen was responsible for murdering six men between 1989 and 1990. She claimed self-defense for killing these men who supposedly beat and raped her…but she later recanted her story. She was sentenced to death on October 9, 2002.

Juana Barraza

Juana was a Mexican professional wrestler who murdered elderly women. In the ring, she was named “The Lady of Silence.” Later, after convicted of the murders, she was dubbed “The Little Old Lady Killer.” She pretended to be a nurse/social worker. The elderly lady would let her in their house. Juana then strangled them and took their valuables if any were to be had. Juana kept a list of names and addresses of possible victims. She murdered 11 victims and was sentenced to 759 years without parole.

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