Valadimir Putin: A Killer of Children

How can a human being knowingly murder children? In vast numbers he has destroyed the lives of innocent people with no regard of the consequences.

Putin, in Gods eyes, has a black heart and he has a special place for this killer. Putin will get his punishment both in the present and in the afterlife. Already, it’s being reported that he has cancer….so the present-day punishment begins. His life is beginning to die and the payment for all his war crimes will begin to materialize…for both him and his army of death.

Putin continues to bomb and kill millions of innocent people who were happily living and prospering just a few months before his invasion of Ukraine. Putin thinks he is invincible, untouchable. Perhaps he thinks that his followers will protect him. But his thoughts will be his downfall. His army is weak, led by Generals who are driven by their thoughts of power. Their heroes are Hitler and Stalin.

I feel so sorry for the Ukraine citizens who have been forced to leave their homes and for all the killing by the killer Putin. It has to end. Putin needs to be put away…in one way or another. What are your thoughts?

Putin. The killer who will be arrested for war crimes

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